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Fan Tattoos and Brandings

There are two types of fans in the world, Keith and The Girl Fans and all the rest.

Check out these very real tattoos and see what makes KATG fans different from everyone
else. When the robots attack, hide behind these guys.

An amazing 151 tattoos and 3 brandings have been put to skin.

Mike the Intern: Cut and branded

Megan sears HUAR into her flesh

The iron used to brand Megan

Cody puts his surgical cauterizer to work for branding #3

Jeremy and Roman are the first two to get ink


Roman HUAR!

Jen V catches the fever and gets one on the shoulder

Jason Penopolis and Cristal innovate with one seen only under a black light

Jason on the wrist (visible under normal light because it’s still fresh and

A close up of his wrist under the black light

Cristal with a black light shining over her hip

Rhian got hers on the lower back during Keith’s annual stand-up show

Dr. Mitch

DaHonay and Mr. DaHonay


DevilishOne and Kataish get ready for battle before the KATG invasion of Canada



Rob gets this tattoo to remember his one night stand with KATG in Canada

John from Dayton

Jeremy #2 gets tattoo #15

Mr DaHonay joins the HUAR Army with his second KATG tattoo

Mr DaHonay adds to his masterpiece

SeriousCarl rings in 2008 from Iraq with a homemade tattoo gun and KATG

Ready for action

The homemade tattoo gun

Lou makes KATG his second and best tattoo

FireFighter_Chick brings podophilia to KATG

AiNE gets a snake bite on her back

Aldo McGee goes from putting KATG stickers at Starbucks drive-thru’s to tattoo

Robots beware – ScubaSteve is patrolling the waters

Revolutionary makes up for not posting on the forums enough

Jenni keeps the family in check with a little help from KATG

Luke celebrates his new success

Maryanna’s ankle tattoo makes #26

Hunter remember his stint in jail

The “tattoo gun” Hunter used

Ryan celebrates life

Tara the robot hating kindergarten teacher

Danni sexys up her wrist

Mat lets the robots know what hit them

David fights the good fight with Tattoo #32

The Gunner: First Iraqis, now robots

You can’t take Travis from behind

Checkers keeps it real down in Hawaii

Viola adds a little more class to the party

Stand-up contest winner Allison Pound

Amy wears KATG in style

Heather wont let Amy one up her

In fact, Heather Super Party’s her way to Tattoo #40

Elvis & The KATG Mural: Tattoo #’s 41-48

Steve O. is ready for a coloring this month

Bryan personalizes his passion

Jerry reminds us The Clan’s only growing


John from Scotland tells us what the craic is

Bekah joins the fight from Wisconsin

Jesse doesn’t just talk the talk

Amanda shows off her new celebration of Life

Alan shows he’s one of the good guys

Layne rocks KATG on his upper arm

Rose has Tattoo #60 and Keith finally has his bear

Roses’ man Tom is ready for action

Ben knows what time it is

Yale rocks the ribs

Rob simply rocks it

Boontar rages war

Mike shows the party never stops

knucklehead32 is suited up


David parties with KATG Tattoo #69

Nerdist and KATG Tattoo #70

Elvis is making it personal

Jill celebrates Life

Deandre keeps the peace

Ro keeps the faith

KATG Tattoo #76


Cesar, Hebrew, and KATG Tattoo #78

Alan and KATG Tattoo #79

Michelle and KATG Tattoos #80 and #81

Jordan, his daughter, and KATG Tattoo #82

Allen and KATG Tattoo #83

Jason, Kelley, KATG Tattoos #84 and #85

Cristal parties on? Fuck yeah! Suck yeah!

Alex understands the situation. HUAR!

Benji, Keith and Chemda

Greg keeps it Straight Edge and very real

CASHMONEYHUGS spells it out

Nathaniel and KATG Tattoo #91

Cody and KATG Tattoo #92

David is all about Team KATG

Susan lives life one step at a time

Wendy and KATG Tattoo #95

Tamara cheers to Life

Can you imagine? Elvis can!

Jamie, Keith and Chemda

David, his right thigh and KATG Tattoo #99

Cody and KATG Tattoo #100

Daisy Titanic D.I.Y.

Ryan! HUAR!

MoMonia raises her glass

What’s My Name? It’s Dave

Trisha shows the world her friends

Jason, Life, and Arms of Steel

Jeremiah is on fire

Anne keeps on truckin’

Amanda keeps it sexy with KATG Tattoo #110

Elvis never left the buiding, baby

Elvis, Jr. shows dad how it’s done

Jen celebrates life and her family

Keith’s got it and he flaunts it

Paul ain’t no slouch himself

Shannon likes KATG, no butts about it

Kimberly Ali’s got life goin’ own!

Who needs a wife?! Adam begins anew.

Victor Varnado takes a page from HUAR

Siblings Mike & Kesha with KATG Tattoos #120 & #121

Craig joins The 54-Hour Marathon with his fresh tattoo

We’re high on Molly!

Izzy. Izzy awesome? I’d say so.

Jorge celebrates growing up with KATG

Cory creepily shows his love of KATG and beer

Longtime listener Maria shows her strength

as does Thom with KATG Tattoo #128

Allison’s livin’ a sexy Life

David’s My Name Is Keith tattoo. That’s how we do it over here!

Toni phonetically celebrates Life

Octavia is branching out

Kayla lives it up!

Nadine flies high

Barbi keeps her feet on the ground with KATG Tattoo #135

David celebrates That’s the Show with Danny

Josh toasts life and his son’s birth

Airman Maria completes her arm


Stephanie lives Life whether Life likes it or not.


Nichole is launching into greatness with KATG Tattoo #140


Maddie’s got it, and she flaunts it!


Jenny shows some love


Sarah celebrates Life and KATG

Joe thanks his dad for recommending KATG

Boris, listener since age 15, dons KATG Tattoo #145

Toni will not be oppressed! To Life!

Beth shows love with KATG Tattoo #147

Tech genius Andrew celebrates Canada and KATG

and gets a KATG shirt on the NHL Stanley Cup

Jeremy remembers to take life One Minute Ata Time

Paige relaxes with Chemda the Pothead

Octavia continues the OMAT practice with KATG Tattoo #151

Nature plays her part

Eats Paste makes sure the road knows who’s in charge

Not so fast robots, this car is ours HUAR!

NOW I understand civilians having a personal arsenal!

Jason and the US Air Force tattoo the enemy’s face

Deuce tells Hezbollah guerrillas what needs to be done

Flown in KATG’s honor over Iraq

Flown in KATG’s honor over Afghanistan

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